Who we work with

Who we work with

We help banks, insurers and telecommunications providers engage, convert and retain customers.



Global banking is changing:

  • Digital transformation – the way people interact, communicate and transact with banks is evolving.
  • Regulatory change and the need to remain relevant and competitive is spurring new business models.
  • Easier and frictionless account switching.

We help generate customer retention, advocacy and new revenues, enabling banks to offer personal, targeted engagement programmes that their customers value, use and enjoy.


Telecoms transformation continues:

  • IP communications and over the top content operators have eroded traditional telco revenue through free voice, video and messaging
  • Number portability means switch providers easily
  • Content-based services are consumed on any device, any time.


Competitive pressure has driven down average revenue per user (ARPU) but stimulated new services to attract and retain customers, generating new revenue streams in the process.

cxLoyalty helps telecommunications operators develop customer attraction, conversion and retention through value exchange campaigns, better profiling, incentives and rewards.


Insurers struggle to differentiate their services and foster loyalty:

  • Insurance is viewed as a commodity, typically bought on price through aggregators or comparison sites.
  • Lack of direct and frequent customer communication makes it hard to build brand affinity.
  • Low adoption of digital channels makes personalised communication and experiences difficult.
  • Disruptive and competitive insuretech providers are engaging people quickly via their preferred digital channels.

cxLoyalty helps insurers address these challenges. Customised engagement programmes, which are natural extensions to core offerings, create additional customer value, market differentiation and compelling reasons to correspond.

Our successful partnerships

Our clients rank as some of the world’s largest businesses and include leaders in the global telecommunications, retail, travel and financial services arenas.

Read more about a few of our successful partnerships.


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