Your next experience at your fingertips

Frictionless customer experience is one of the key elements in helping our clients create a deeper connection with their customers and increase their lifetime value by giving the customers reasons to engage more and stay longer.

With our Concierge Service, customers enjoy the convenience of having a team of experts with the knowledge and a worldwide network to help customers in their everyday lives. And with our new Digital Concierge, we have added even more accessibility and choice for the customer.

Digital Concierge is a new way of delivering our service, making it even more convenient. It can be downloaded to the mobile as an app or accessed via web on any device, allowing the customer to choose whether she wants to communicate via email, chat, digital interface or by phone. All offers are accessible through the platform and she can easily accept or refuse offers provided by the concierge agent, or ask for more information. The digital platform becomes a one-stop-shop for customers to easily request things, receive booking documents or just simply get inspired by any upcoming experience – whether it is travelling, dining or attending a sport or cultural event.

‘The quality and dedication of our concierge service hasn’t changed but with the new multi-channel platform we want to lower the barrier for using our service and make it truly convenient to make a request, no matter whether it is big or small. Our customer mission remains the same as when we first launched this service almost twenty years ago – to help customers free up precious time by researching and booking on their behalf’, says Rikard af Sandeberg, Managing Director cxLoyalty International Denmark & Norway.

‘And for our clients, this represents an opportunity to increase engagement and be part of the customer’s everyday life, everywhere. With Digital Concierge, our service is literally at their fingertips and this increased accessibility helps the client to be even more present in the customer’s life. By offering a user-friendly, time-saving digital service combined with our expertise and network we provide what is often inaccessible for the consumer which in turn creates a positive relationship between customer and client.

Every business needs to stand out and deliver a special service to their customers. Digital Concierge will help our clients create even more personalized offers and make them accessible to the customers through the platform, thereby increasing convenience and enhancing the customer experience of the service. So why not let us help you stand out and add that extra value in the daily lives of your customers or employees’, Rikard af Sandeberg concludes.