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We combine our extensive portfolio of content and rewards, insights and data, with marketing expertise and the latest  technology. Together, they enable our clients to deliver superior customer experiences which build meaningful, long-lasting and fruitful customer relationships.


"Our content portfolio gives your customers time and money savings, peace-of-mind, protection and exclusive experiences."

Personal Cyber and ID Protection

Cyber and ID protection services – safeguarding personal data; identifying and mitigating risk for individuals, families and SMEs. Modules include:

  • Prevention:
    • Education – raising threat awareness and privacy and identity protection best practice.
    • Device security apps – secure keypads, VPN and anti-virus software.
  • Detection:
    • Monitoring and scanning of the web, social media and the dark web to pinpoint personal data risk.
    • Alert services, flagging data compromise or risk.
  • Resolution:
    • Accredited helpline agents providing guidance and solutions for ID theft or fraud victims.

Lifestyle, Leisure and Entertainment

From store discounts, priority restaurant reservations, exclusive events to trips of a lifetime, cxLoyalty builds highly personalised propositions based on what your customers need, value and enjoy. Our Lifestyle, Leisure and Entertainment offers include:

  • Shopping: Exclusive major retailer discounts, offers and cashback – in-store and online.
  • Entertainment: Discounts and priority access to movies, shows and restaurants.
  • Travel: Tailored and discounted holidays built around individual customers – personalised experiences, package deals, cruises, and city breaks.
  • Concierge: Exclusive benefits to make life easier – airport meet and greet, VIP lounge access, discounted parking, crisis management through to personalised services for premium customers.

Customer InsightWe’ve helped 5,000 clients strengthen over 250 million customer relationships; we know what makes people tick the world over.

We’ve helped 5,000 clients strengthen over 250 million customer relationships; we know what makes people tick the world over.

Translating insights into action is the bedrock of our engagement model. We understand the propositions, offers and messages that will appeal to your different customers. Differentiation, conversion or retention – our programmes fuel brand engagement and create value.

Data Driven Marketing

To be truly part of a customer’s life, companies must connect and engage. From micro-moments, to giving advice, value and peace-of-mind. Timed to perfection, delivering the right offer via the right channel creates better, personal customer experiences.

Real-time and at-rest data, enriched with social media-sourced indicators, allows cxLoyalty to interpret customer patterns and preferences. We shape profiles, tuned constantly, to optimise customer journeys as we quickly identify behavioural and attitudinal triggers to deliver real-time, multichannel, personalised, offers and communication.

Our adaptive customer profiling means better targeting and better – actionable – results.

Technology Platforms

cxLoyalty’s secure enterprise-grade platforms enable clients to deliver personalised data-first, mobile-first propositions simply and quickly.

Our platforms adapt to meet the different priorities and requirements of our clients, including billing, automation, content management, data analytics to omni-channel integration to enhance the customer experience.

We can deploy in the cloud, on premise, or integrate with our clients technology stack via APIs flexing for different requirements, technology, security and compliance.

Service Centres

cxLoyalty’s global service centre network combines a highly skilled, multilingual team with technology to deliver best-in-class customer service – concierge, cyber and ID theft resolution, and travel bookings.

We consistently achieve industry-leading NPS scores and are FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, UK) regulated.


cxLoyalty provides the highest quality benefits and content, nurturing a vibrant vendor ecosystem, each partner sharing our passion for experience excellence.

Offer and product breadth and diversity, combined with our digital-first experience, creates propositions with unique personal resonance, creating stronger connections and brand advocacy.

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