What we do

We formulate customer engagement solutions for targeted appeal, complementing your core offering, while making your customers lives better, safer and more enjoyable. We foster positive brand association, while increasing customer loyalty, return on investment and advocacy.

We flex, tailoring our approach to achieve the best results – every time. For some clients, it’s creating loyalty and reward programmes, or enhancing existing programmes with complementary content. For others, it’s delivering data-driven marketing campaigns, focusing on incentives and rewards that catalyse a specific result, like up and cross-selling, or reigniting latent customer relationships.

cxLoyalty designs and manages end-to-end engagement programmes too. Using a mix of data and insights, rewards, marketing expertise and technology, we create personalised customer experiences to connect, engage and add value. In short, we make data work: for our clients and for their customers.

The right approach, the right programme and the right results.


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