Cybercrime SOS

Building consumer trust in the face of online threats

The increasing use of the internet and connected devices puts people at risk of becoming targets of cybercriminals and cybercrime. But how concerned are people about cyber threats? Do they feel confident protecting themselves? Do businesses have a role in protecting their customers from cyber threats and its consequences? And in doing so are they able to build stronger relationships and increase trust, loyalty, and engagement?

Our latest research spanning 12 markets and 13,000 people provides the answers.

Research Highlights

Concern is high

Consumer concern and awareness of cybercrime is high and is increasing. It now exceeds other forms of crime including physical, property and vehicle crime.

Confidence is low

Consumers lack the confidence of being able to prevent cybercrime, detect if they are at risk or resolve the consequences should they fall victim.

Supplier to Saviour

An opportunity exists for businesses to help customers by enabling them to better protect their identity and data, and provide resolution support should they suffer a cybercrime.

Enhance brand perception

Businesses that help their customers with cybercrime issues are viewed more positively and experience an increase in brand perception

Creating a differentiator

Customers are more likely to select a service including insurance, banking or mobile phone contracts if cybersecurity services are included.