Adding both safety and fun

In 2013, Sydbank wanted to offer an attractive account package for their private banking customers, combining financial benefits with lifestyle benefits. cxLoyalty was chosen as a partner to provide a 24/7 Concierge Service for their customers. In addition, cxLoyalty also delivered a card protection service, including a registration website where customers could login and register additional cards and valuables. As an extra service to the customers, cxLoyalty made sure that their credit cards issued by Sydbank were automatically added to the website.

In 2014, Sydbank launched a differentiated account structure to the entire private customer base, allowing customers to ‘pick and mix’ relevant benefits, depending on the extent of their business with the bank. The more business, the more benefits the customer was allowed to pick.

Having already demonstrated the ability to provide attractive services, cxLoyalty was chosen to deliver two of these benefits, card protection service and a leisure service giving the customers access to tickets for Danish amusement parks at a discounted price. The leisure service from cxLoyalty included practically all major amusement parks, thus covering most of the market geographically. The  service appealed to several age segments, from young families with small children to the more senior age group wanting to take their grandchildren for a fun day out. cxLoyalty manages both of the websites for these services, as well as the fulfillment related to the benefits.

Within less than one year, the penetration target was reached with approximately 25% of Sydbank’s customers having chosen at least one of the benefits provided by cxLoyalty. Sydbank is very satisfied with the cooperation with cxLoyalty and with the benefits, which have fulfilled the KPIs set by Sydbank. The development of the services continues, ensuring that the benefits are perceived as relevant by the customers.


  • Penetration target reached within a year
  • 25% of Sydbank’s customers have chosen at least one benefit provided by cxLoyalty

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