RBS Group

Championing customer satisfaction

For more than two decades now, cxLoyalty and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have partnered to deliver RBS’s mission to be ‘Number One for customer service, trust and advocacy’

One successful example of this is the work we have done around improving customers’ accessibility to their account benefits. Over five years ago this had been a disjointed process for RBS customers and, after reviewing a customer’s journey together, we came up with a way of providing customers with a single, consistent point of access online and on the phone.

cxLoyalty led the development of an online hub, consolidating all benefits – whether provided by RBS, cxLoyalty or a third party – into a single sign-on experience. These include banking add-ons, plus a travel and events concierge, mobile phone insurance and vehicle breakdown cover.

Implemented across three brands and 13 packaged accounts, the Hub enabled customers to easily access and engage with their benefits.  RBS saw increased registration levels and benefit usage among its customers and was able to convert these self-service improvements into cost savings for the organization.



Single access point to benefits:

  • Travel and events concierge
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Vehicle breakdown cover