France Loisirs

Getting more from spending more

France Loisirs is a member-only retailer which sells books, DVDs and leisure and wellbeing services to over two million subscribers in store, online and by mail order. After celebrating the 40th birthday of its existing Complimentary Membership Programme, France Loisirs wanted to update its offering, seeking to differentiate itself from competitors and to generate additional revenue.

Recent research by cxLoyalty showed that lifestyle benefits appeal to consumers, with 60% of people saying that they would be more loyal to a brand which provided them with access to discounts or cashback on things they enjoy doing in their free time.

The result of combining this insight and France Loisirs’ desire to refresh its membership scheme was France Loisirs Plus, a bespoke membership programme offering customers money-saving discounts and cashback on dining and leisure activities, as well as fuel, groceries, fashion and beauty.

At the time of the launch, existing members were offered a number of incentives to encourage them to switch from the old scheme to the new one. This included 50% extra points on book purchases, resulting in consumers buying more and generating additional revenue for France Loisirs from the outset. On an ongoing basis, France Loisirs Plus is promoted in store and online, through a bi-weekly e-newsletter to promote new offers and from subscription forms created by cxLoyalty.

Since the launch in October 2013, France Loisirs has enrolled 269,000 members to France Loisirs Plus, generating substantial revenue for the organisation. cxLoyalty and France Loisirs’ working relationship is ongoing, with new offers regularly being introduced to ensure that members remain engaged.


  • Money saving and cashback scheme
  • 269,000 members
  • Significant additional revenue

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