Peace of mind for Folksam’s customers

Folksam, Sweden’s largest home insurance provider, noted that identity fraud was growing and started to become an increasingly common problem in Sweden. Publicity around identity theft was also on the rise causing a general growing concern and a need for protection.

By working with cxLoyalty, Folksam became the first insurance provider in Sweden to act on the rising problem by offering a policy that provides help for home insurance customers if they discover that their identity is compromised.

Erik Arvidsson, working with claims prevention at Folksam, explains “It is a growing problem. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Folksam customers discover that you can get help via your home insurance”.

In 2014, Folksam increased the scope by including the policy for all home insurance customers. By being forerunners and acting on a customer need Folksam successfully positioned the company as a forward thinking and customer focused insurance company.


Through cxLoyalty Folksam offer their customers:
• Access to 24 hour telephone assistance to prevent, discover and limit the extent of damage associated with identity theft
• Assistance to map out and untangle the identity fraud
• Help to remove incorrect credit history and to dispute invoices