Devk Insurance

Insuring the safety of personal data

DEVK Insurance, one of Germany’s leading insurance companies with around four million customers, worked with cxLoyalty because it wanted to differentiate itself from the competition.

The insurance provider recognised that consumers wanted greater protection of their personal data online. By partnering with cxLoyalty, DEVK Insurance brought a product to market that addressed this concern: Online Data Monitor.

Available via a monthly subscription, Online Data Monitor routinely tracks and monitors customers’ personal information online by scanning the internet 24 hours a day. Alerts are then distributed to customers to show where their personal details are available and the associated risk level. A 24/7 Online Data Monitor helpline allows customers to request this personal information be deleted from websites and search engines, providing them with peace of mind that their personal data is not being misused.

The launch of the Online Data Monitor has successfully positioned DEVK Insurance as a forward-thinking, consumer-focused insurance provider, whilst also generating additional revenue for the business.


  • Greater protection of personal information
  • 24-hour helpline
  • Additional revenue generation

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