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cxLoyalty reinvents value

cxLoyalty has partnered with BW-Bank for over 16 years to improve customer retention through the extend programme: 4 tiers of enhanced bank account packages combining cxLoyalty-sourced benefits such as travel, leisure, benefits and discounts at regional cooperation partners, and protection services with bank benefits such as credit cards, insurance and pension protection.

  • cxLoyalty and BW-bank continuously work together to understand customer motivations to identify relevant benefits that resonate most with the target customer base, and have refreshed the proposition to balance customer and shareholder value over time
  • cxLoyalty manages the extend programme on behalf of BW Bank including: negotiation, management and fulfilment of cxLoyalty-sourced benefits; build and management of the extend website as the primary portal and servicing platform for the programme; telephone servicing; regular extendmagazine and newsletter communications; and marketing support to drive customers online, upsell to higher tiers, and stimulate benefit usage
  • The programme was launched in 2000 and BW-Bank saw a 50% reduction in customer churn amongst the new customers.  The portfolio has since grown to represent more than 60% of BW-Bank’s customers


  • BW-Bank saw a 50% reduction in customer churn amongst the new customers
  • Over 60% penetration of customer base

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"It is much cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one…. This is exactly why the value add/member benefit programme BW extend with its significantly low churn rate has been so valuable for us for many years."