Alm. Brand Forsikring

Alm. Brand Forsikring gives customers peace of mind by helping to untangle identity fraud

The Danish insurance market is very competitive, with a large number of providers and customer churn higher than most other EU markets, acquiring and retaining customers has remained a significant challenge for insurance providers in Denmark. This was further compounded during the financial crisis of 2012, with increasing unemployment and household debt, customers in Denmark became increasingly cost conscience and based insurance purchasing decisions on price rather than features and coverage.

Alm. Brand Forsikring – a top five insurance provider in Denmark responded to this trend by exploring strategies that would enable them to attract and retain more customers and increase customer satisfaction by differentiating their home content insurance product with value added services while remaining price competitive.

During this time incidents of identity theft were on the increase in Denmark and had become a real concern for customers.  Alm. Brand Forsikring recognized that victims of identity theft often had little awareness of how to start resolving the situation, and there was very little assistance available to help victims manage the resolution process during this very stressful time.

Embracing their vision to ‘help and take care of our customers in the best possible way when they find themselves in a new or unexpected situation’, Alm. Brand Forsikring approached cxLoyalty to launch ID Theft Protect, a service that would enable Alm. Brand Forsikring’s customers to prevent, detect and resolve identity theft.

Core to the success of the ID theft protect service was recognizing the importance of victims being able to talk to an expert and receive immediate live help once the id fraud had been discovered – the human touch was fundamental to victims feeling more secure and feel that proactive action was being taken to resolve the situation.

cxLoyalty assembled a team of skilled agents to set up 24/7 phone support line, offering customers advice on precautions to take to prevent id fraud, and how to check if they had been a target. For those customers who had been a victim of identity fraud, cxLoyalty offered help by managing the process of untangling the fraud by investigating and reconciling all transactions by examining invoices, account statements, payment reminders and other relevant documents. cxLoyalty also contacted creditors and disputed invoices on behalf of the customers, taking the burden and stress away from Alm. Brand Forsikring’s customers.

Initially the service was to be included free of charge with all home content insurance policies for a period of two years, however, after receiving overwhelming positive customer feedback of the service and witnessing the effect it had on increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty – Alm. Brand Forsikring decided to make the ID theft protection service a permanent feature of the home content insurance policy. In addition, the scope and coverage of the service was extended to be included as a feature in the base coverage for small business customers, as the ID fraud was becoming a significant issue in the business sector.

Since the services provided by cxLoyalty had a positive impact on their business and relationship with customers, Alm. Brand Forsikring chose to include the Card Protection service from cxLoyalty thereby expanding the coverage and protection they offered to customers. The Card Protection service was regarded as a logical extension of the existing offer as card protection and identity fraud is often linked. With this service, customers can block all their registered credit cards and other valuables with a single phone call to cxLoyalty. The service was initially launched with private customers but was then extended to include business customers.

Through the partnership with cxLoyalty, Alm. Brand Forsikring were able to deepen the relationship with their customers by adding value to their product. In addition, they were also able to successfully position themselves in the market as the first insurance company to launch both ID theft protection and card blocking service.


By partnering with cxLoyalty, Alm. Brand Forsikring was able to:

  • Take the burden and stress away from their customers
  • Deepen the relationship with their customers by adding value to their product

As a result, they received overwhelming positive customer feedback of the service.