Welcome to our new brand – cxLoyalty

Over the last few years we’ve been on a journey of transformation, recognising the emerging needs of our clients and their customers.

We’ve responded by adding new capabilities, developing flexible technology platforms and focusing on data and analytics to create meaningful, personalised customer experiences that help establish and nurture unique relationships between customers and brands.

The cxLoyalty brand reflects our mission to enable an unparalleled customer experience that motivates engagement and advocacy that leads to loyalty.

We hope you like the new brand and we’d love to hear from you

Building consumer trust in the face of online threats

The threat of cybercrimes is everywhere and shows no signs of slowing. But in an ever-evolving and complex cyber landscape, is there an opportunity for businesses to provide support for cybercrimes-concerned consumers?

Our latest research reveals insights into consumer awareness and perceptions of cybercrimes, confidence towards managing cyber threats and the impact on loyalty and engagement of businesses that include cybercrimes assistance and support.


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